Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Maizie's Garden

I recently got a really neat cupcake book with tons of great decorating ideas (thanks Cindy)! My mother-in-law loves to garden, so for a birthday treat I decided to try out one of the new designs I found.  I've decided I really enjoy decorating cupcakes, there are so many things you can do beyond "the standard cupcake".  There are some creations where you can't even tell that it is a cupcake!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Gift For Callie

This week I made a birthday cake for Callie for her 2nd birthday.  I have been wanting to try out the fondant bow technique, so I decided to make this cake look like a gift box. The cake turned out pretty well, but my favorite part is the bow, I love it!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacob's Birthday

This past weekend was my brother Jacob's birthday.  Playing guitar is one of his hobbies, so I made him a guitar themed 2 tier birthday cake.  The cake topper is an electric guitar made out of fondant.

Monday, November 8, 2010

O Christmas Tree!

So I started decorating a little early!  I decorated this cake at the end of a 4 session fondant class.  The cake was covered in a thin layer of buttercream frosting, and topped with rolled fondant.  I REALLY enjoy working with fondant because it's fun to add all sorts of embellishments that may not be possible by using buttercream alone.  The trees have a texture added by using a texture mat, and then they were cut out from colored fondant with a Christmas tree cutter.  The green color on the top of the cake comes from a spray can of edible coloring, it was super neat to use! I'm already planning all sorts of things to do with the fun tools and techniques I have learned about!

Picnic Time

These cupcakes were made for a Labor Day potluck.  Needless to say they weren't quite as juicy as watermelons, but they were equally delicious!

Just Because!

Sometimes there doesn't need to be a reason to do something, and this is a "Just Because" cake.  I used purple colored buttercream and white fondant to decorate it.

Mickey Mouse

Since it was my birthday, and I had received the most gracious gift of a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, I decided to put it to good use!  I am in LOVE with all things Disney, so the best thing to do was to make a Mickey Mouse birthday cake. I used plain white buttercream to coat the cake, and then cut out Mickey shaped fondant pieces to apply to the cake. I think the result was Mickey-licious!

New York Yankees

Due to the fact that it was baseball season, and the object of my family's obsession, the New York Yankees, were in first place, I decided to decorate my first cake in honor of the Bronx Bombers.  I pinstriped the side and made the team logo atop a field of freshly piped green grass.